Aböut Me

Welcome, kind soul!
I’m so glad you found me

My name is nkluesïve & I am an 



as well as a


Grateful for the our paths crossing, looking forward to seeing you soon!



All digital art in my drop down menu are all original works and are available for purchase. All prints are laser printed onto a custom sheet of metal where a mounting box is attached. Please go to my drop down and select CONTACT ME for your custom order. 


° Bewïtched Dentôn °

Every Thursday & Every Other Sunday

Thursday : 12p-6p

Sunday : 12p-5p

You can follow me on INSTAGRAM @nkluesive for my menu which is pinned at the top of my page. I am also available to work 1:1 or with groups. Please send me a DM or to get a hold of me sooner, click my drop down in the right-hand corner and send me an EMAIL


° Regenrus Wellness Center °


Every Saturday at 8:30a

Every Sunday at 9am & 10:15a

Prōjection - Reflëction - Ascensiôn